Clark School Features CEEE’s Research on Efficient Heat Pump Technology

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CEEE graduate research assistants (left to right), Manchul Jeong, Jangho Yang, and Het Mevada working on an elastocaloric cooling system prototype based on the shape memory alloys. It is a possible future cooling system that does not use environmentally harming refrigerants.

CEEE’s work on developing environmentally friendly HVAC systems was highlighted in a recent Clark School feature article on how the school is tackling climate change. The article spotlights how CEEE co-director Yunho Hwang and his research team are engineering new heat pump technology that could improve energy efficiency of building HVAC systems by 300–400%, compared to conventional electric heating systems. 

Read the complete article to find out how CEEE and the Clark School are rising to the grand challenge of developing clean energy technologies to meet society’s urgent needs for a sustainable future.

“We are playing a leading role in the energy efficiency and decarbonization sectors."

CEEE co-director Dr. Yunho Hwang

Published April 5, 2024