Modeling and Optimization Consortium

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The Modeling and Optimization Consortium (MOC), formerly Integrated Systems Optimization Consortium, at the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE) at the University of Maryland specializes in the research and development of modeling and optimization tools for energy conversion systems.

MOC Expertise

  • Conventional and alternative cooling technologies
  • Heat exchanger and compressor technology
  • Small autonomous energy systems
  • Thermal systems integration and optimization

Benefits for Sponsors and Software Licensees

  • Fast performance evaluation of thermal systems including design alternatives
  • Optimization of thermal systems for cost and/or performance, with the help of a unified framework for modeling, validation and optimization
  • Validated thermal system and component models and simulation tools
  • Software component development and integration assistance provided by professionals
  • Full-time research faculty team provides training and support via phone, email, web-based meetings and on-site visits


Dr. Vikrant Aute