The Center for Environmental Energy Engineering's vision is two fold:

  1. To excel in research that promotes energy sustainability that supports a reliable and safe energy supply and conversion.
  2. To foster innovation by advancing modeling and simulation for the effective and accurate design of systems and components, and mathematically rigorous optimization.

CEEE has three consortium groups: AHXPI, EEHP and MOC. Sponsor members may choose to join any individual consortium group or all three. We can work with you to meet your research goals.

Sharing in precompetitive, highly leveraged, high-quality research

All of our consortium research projects are precompetitive, meaning that sponsors share in new research findings. The typical contribution to our research results in benefts exceeding 20 times the investment. All consortium projects are industry directed. Although results will be published in peer-reviewed scientific and engineering journals, our sponsors have access to our findings usually one to two years before they are published. 

Consortium Meetings

We hold semi-annual progress review meetings in the spring and fall. Students present their research results and sponsors discuss students' progress and provide guidance and recommendations. Presentations, reports, theses, roadmaps and software are licensed to sponsors for in-house use. They are made available "as they become available" for fast technology transfer. CEEE faculty and staff will visit sponsors whenever invited to present updates on the latest research outcomes.