Advanced Heat Exchangers and Process Intensification


Advanced Heat Exchangers and Process Intensification (AHXPI) Consortium and Laboratory at the University of Maryland, College Park, is engaged in cutting edge research in the fields of advanced heat and mass and thermal management systems. The research at AHXPI is of particular significance to applications in advanced energy conversion, advanced heat/mass exchangers, process intensification, electronics cooling, electro hydrodynamics techniques (EHD), and innovative design and manufacturing of components for energy conversion systems.
Our research projects also include innovative and advanced manufacturing techniques for energy conversion and thermal management applications. This includes emerging fields such as additive manufacturing (3D printing) and the use of micro and nano systems for process intensification and optimization. With the aim of creating more sustainable technology to meet industrial requirements, AHXPI provides a multitude of advantages in various fields, such as the ability to spot-cool high heat flux regions, enhance macro-level performance by optimization of micro-level heat transfer, and enable system-level miniaturization and integration.
Since its inception in 1993, the AHXPI Laboratory has been involved in a number of basic and applied studies in the field of active and passive heat transfer augmentation techniques, mass transfer, and energy conversion. Over the years, the AHXPI has successfully developed the technical know-how and the knowledge base critical to the incorporation of emerging technologies into practical applications ready for commercial use.

Three Focus Areas:

1. Heat/mass transfer surfaces and fluid delivery systems
  •  Enhanced heat transfer for single phase and phase change heat transfer
  • Fluid delivery/manifold systems for single-phase and phase change systems
2. Process control and intensification
  •  Active control of frost
  • EHD-assisted Process Control (e.g., Gas/liquid separators)
  • Embedded cooling
  •  Embedded Sensors—Application to Thermal/Fluid Systems
3. Advanced materials, and manufacturing techniques
  • Polymer heat exchangers
  • High Temp. metal and metal alloy/composite HXs
  • Additive, subtractive, and other advanced Manufacturing techniques

Our Key Strengths

  • Innovative single phase and phase change heat transfer/heat exchanger design and optimization.
  • In-house computational models/tools for heat transfer and fluid flow analysis
  • Measurement loops for single phase and phase change heat transfer/fluid flow analysis
  • Leading expertise in cooling of high flux micro electronics/power electronics
  • Pioneered use of manifold micro channels for high heat transfer and low pressure drops.
  • Pioneered use of additive manufacturing for heat exchanger performance enhancement.


AHXPI: Dr. Michael OhadiDr. Farah Singer