Energy Efficiency and Heat Pumps

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency and Heat Pumps (EEHP)— formerly 'Alternative Cooling Technologies and Applications (ACTA)' — focuses on developing comprehensive information for the detailed physics of transport processes, innovative energy conversion components and systems, and new cost-effective test methods. Our faculty and students built the first CO2 hot water heat pump in the USA. No suitable compressors were available so we developed our own, establishing CEEE early on as the leader in carbon dioxide refrigerant technology. We also developed expanders and a thermoelectric sub-cooler, and explored all possible two-stage cycle options in order to recover irreversible changes associated with expansion process.


Dr. Yunho Hwang

CEEE faculty and staff have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Vapor Compression Systems and Components
  • Single- and Multi-stage absorption technology
  • Combined Absorption and Vapor Compression Technology
  • Combined Desiccant and Vapor Compression Technology
  • Natural Refrigerants
  • Working Fluid Mixtures
  • Single and Two-stage CO2 Systems
  • Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling
  • Expander and TE Subcooler
  • Heat Transfer and Oil Distribution Measurement
  • Flow Visualization
  • CFD Applications