CEEE has specialized programs in sustainable energy engineering, to include a renowned graduate level study abroad opportunity. We have programs for students seeking master's and PhD degrees.

CEEE's location at the University of Maryland provides an outstanding environment for its graduate students as well as its members. Graduate students with background in Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics work at CEEE under the direction of faculty members and research scientists.

CEEE consortia members have the opportunity to be among the first to interview these exceptional students. Former CEEE students are employed by a number of prominent firms, universities, and government agencies.


University of Maryland applicants should indicate their interest in CEEE on their application cover letter. Students accepted in any of the following department's graduate programs are eligible to work at CEEE:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Institute for Physical Science and Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering (Most CEEE students are enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program.)

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Primary areas of study include:

  • Integrated Energy Technologies
  • Classical Thermal Sciences
  • Energy Conversion/Environmental Impact
  • Environmental Energy Engineering
  • Environmentally Safe Refrigerants
  • Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Systems
  • Renewable Energy Technologies


Recognition – The PhD definitely got/gets people’s attention.  The PhD coupled with being articulate, business focused, and results oriented proved a powerful combination that does not often exist.  I am surprised that even now it is something that people (i.e., COO) find noteworthy.  Skills – These were significant.  I learned to solve complex problems rapidly.  I use them even today.  - John Judge, Ph.D. '96, Vice President of Supply Chain, Emerson Network Power on his experience at CEEE