We apply the concept of systematic optimization to energy conversion systems and components. This effort is based on the development of component-based, highly-flexible, and user-friendly simulation packages. These packages' energy conversion systems components are integrated easily for system simulation. The unique strength of this effort allows for the inclusion of optimization routines, leading to a systematic search for better designs using gradient-based and/or heuristic approaches. The optimization cabaility has been extended to CFD applications and resulted in a framework that allows the computer to invent and optimize new heat exchanger geometries.

  • Fast performance evaluation of thermal systems including design alternatives
  • Optimization of thermal systems for cost and/or performance, with the help of a unified framework for modeling, validation and optimization
  • Validated thermal system and component models and simulation tools
  • Software component development and integration assistance provided by professionals
  • Full-time research faculty team provides training and support via phone, email, web-based meetings and on-site visits