Throughout the company's long support of The University of Maryland's research in thermal management and energy conversion the fellowship has gone by several names, including The Trigen-Cinergy Fellowship, The GDF Suez Chuck Edwards Memorial Fellowship, and The Engie Chuck Edwards Memorial Fellowship. Here is a list of recipients from the past several years:

2022 Jangho Yang (Mechanical Engineering)  PCM Heat Exchangers  Zhenyuan Mei (Mechanical Engineering) 
Design of High Performance Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers with Reduced Charge

Cheng-Yi Lee (Mechanical Engineering)  Compressor Performance Test and Model Improvement

 Brian O'Malley(Mechanical Engineering) Shape and Topology Optimization for Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers


Adelaide Mei Chun Nolan (Materials Science Engineering) Thermodynamic guidance for interface engineering in an LLZO all-solid-state lithium-ion battery

James Tancabel (Mechanical Engineering) Design of High Performance Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers with Reduced Charge
2018 Joe Baker (Mechanical Engineering), Electrochemical Ammonium Compression Tao Deng (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), Interface Engineering Enable High-Rate Solid-State Sodium Metal Batteries
2017 David Catalini (Mechanical Engineering), Environmentally safe air conditioning: An elasto-caloric heat pump Aaron Leininger (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Integration of microbial electrolysis cells into wastewater treatment for energy recovery
2016 Ye Tao (Chemical Engineering), Electrochemical CO2 separation, compression, and reduction Daniel Dalgo (Mechanical Engineering), Supervisory control and data acquisition for the UMD campus (SCADA-UMD)
2015 Mohamed Beshr (Mechancial Engineering), Unified Vapor Compression System Steady State Solver with Design Feedback Capability Radia Eldeeb (Mechanical Engineering), Optimization of Plate Heat Exchanger with Novel Plate Design
2014 Suxin Qian (Mechanical Engineering), Performance Comparison of the Alternative Solid-State Cooling Technologies to the Vapor Compression Cooling Zhi Zhang (Mechanical Engineering), Novel Microemulsion-based Absorption Chillers Driven by Waste Heat
2013 Sahil Popli (Mechanical Engineering), Enhanced performance of compact heat exchangers using evaporative cooling Long Huang (Mechanical Engineering), Development of a robust microchannel heat exchanger simulation tool
2012 Bracha Mandel (Mechanical Engineering), Desorber performance in a waste heat powered hybrid absorption vapor-compression system  
2011 Kyle Gluesenkamp (Mechanical Engineering), Realistic transient load profiles to evaulate performance and evaluate TRNSYS model Magnus Eisele (Mechanical Engineering), Development of an Expiramental Simulation of the Operating Conditions of Transport Air-Conditioning
2010 Jiazhen Ling (Mechanical Engineering), Seperate Sensible and Latent Cooling  
2009 Kyle Gluesenkamp (Mechanical Engineering), Installation and Performance Testing of a Residential CHP System Varun Singh (Mechanical Engineering), Development of design software for air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers
2008 Xudong Wang (Mechanical Engineering), Two-stage heat pump systems for cold climates

Varun Singh (Mechanical Engineering), Implementation of fully arbitrary tube-sheets for novel coil designs