9th IIR International Conference on Caloric Cooling and Applications of Caloric Materials


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The Conference was held VIRTUALLY JUNE 7-11, 2021!

The THERMAG- IX serves as a forum to present and discuss information on the latest progress in research and development of caloric cooling material and device technology. The following topics will be presented: Magnetocaloric materials; Elastocaloric materials; Barocaloric materials; Electrocaloric materials; Caloric devices; for cooling/ heat pumping; Caloric applications at refrigeration; Thermocaloric energy conversion; Resource basis & recycling of caloric materials; Standardization & terminology of caloric material.


Best Presentation Winners: 


Abstract 145 

Using machine learning to design a large-scale magnetic circuit —Fábio Fortkamp, Luís Felipe Cattelan, Guilherme Peixer, Jaime Lozano, Jader Barbosa —

Organization(s): Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil



Abstract 245  

Giant electrocaloric materials energy efficiency in highly ordered lead scandium tantalate —Youri Dilan Nouchokgwe Kamgue1,2, Pierre Lheritier1, C.H. Hong4, Alvar Torello1,2, Romain Faye1, Jo Wook3, C.R.H. Bahl4, Emmanuel Defay1



Abstract 202 (Magnetocaloric Devices) 

Development of the Magnetocaloric Part of a Hybrid Multisource Heat Pump — Christian R.H. Bahl1, Marvin Masche1, Jierong Liang1, Stefano Dall'Olio2, Kurt Engelbrecht1 — Organization(s): 1: Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Technical University of Denmark, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark; 2: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



Abstract 235 (Caloric Devices)  

SUSSTAIN-EL: the numerical model of the first Italian elastocaloric device — Luca Cirillo, Adriana Rosaria Farina, Adriana Greco, Claudia Masselli, Assunta Borzacchiello — Organization(s): University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Organization(s): 1: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg; 2: University of Luxembourg; 3: Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology; 4: Technical University of Denmark

Plenary Speakers

The Aspirational Performance Goals for Alternative Cooling Technologies  

Reinhard Radermacher, Ph.D., conducts research in heat transfer and working fluids for energy conversion systems — heat pumps, air-conditioners, refrigeration systems, and integrated cooling heating and power systems. He is professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering, and was awarded the Institute of Refrigeration J&E Hall Gold Medal and the IIR Gustav Lorentzen Medal. 

From the Magnetic refrigeration conferences to the Caloric cooling conferences: fifteen years of developments and current challenges

Didier Coulomb is a qualified engineer of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts, and of the Institut des Stratégies Industrielles. He is the Director General of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR). Magnetic refrigeration was very promising at the beginning of the century, since the discovery of giant magnetocaloric effects. The IIR accompanied the various scientific and technical developments in universities, companies and start-ups by way of publications, working groups and conferences. However, difficulties were underestimated and energy efficiency gains overestimated. In parallel, other solid-state technologies were explored, new synthetic refrigerants and improvements in natural refrigerants appeared on the market in order to adapt vapor compression systems to the increasing environmental challenges.

Materials and Systems for Thermomagnetic Harvesting of low Temperature Waste Heat

Sebastian Fähler, Ph.D., works at the IFW Dresden on thermomagnetic energy harvesting, ferroic cooling, (magnetic) shape memory alloys, E-field control of magnetism, hard magnetic films and magnetic nanowires. He coordinated two DFG funded German Priority Programs, one on magnetic shape memory alloys and the other on ferroic cooling.

Hysteresis and reversibility in multicaloric materials

Oliver Gutfleisch, Ph.D.,  is a professor of functional materials at Technical University Darmstadt. His interests are new permanent magnets for power applications, energy-efficient magnetic cooling, ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, and magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications, with particular emphasis on tailoring structural and chemical properties on the nanoscale. He is running an ERC Advanced Grant on caloric cooling, is coordinating a DFG funded CRC program on hysteresis design for efficient energy conversion, is since 2020 an IEEE fellow and is also hosting the Max-Planck research group de magnete at MPIE Düsseldorf. 

The Future of the Magnetocaloric Energy Conversion 

Andrej Kitanovski Ph.D., is head of the research group in the field of refrigeration and heat pumping at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana. The scientific research activities of Prof. Kitanovski mainly involve investigations and the development of new caloric energy-conversion technologies and thermal control elements. In 2004, he was a co-founder of the IIR International Magnetic Cooling Working party, which established well-known IIR Thermag conferences, and which today cover with their topics the research and development of all caloric technologies worldwide. He is a member of several international associations, such are IIR, ASHRAE. ASME. and MRS. 

From the Elastocaloric Effect Toward an Efficient Refrigeration and Heat Pumping Devices: State-of-the-art and future prospective

Jaka Tušek, Ph.D., is an Assistant professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) in the field of Thermal and Environmental Engineering.  In 2018, he received an ERC Starting Grant for research on elastocaloric refrigeration and heat-pumping. He is the co-author of 28 scientific papers, one book and two patents, all in the field of caloric cooling.

Recent Advances in Electrocaloric Materials and Devices and Perspectives

Qiming Zhang, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. His research interests are electronic and electroactive materials and devices (electrocaloric effect and solid state cooling, dielectrics for energy storage devices), solid state actuators, energy harvesting, polymer film devices and MEMS, electro-optic and photonic devices. He has invented electroactive polymers which generate a large electroactuation with an elastic energy density. He co-founded StrategicPolymers Inc. (now Novasentis) to commercializr polymer actuators and sensors for haptics and wearable devices. 

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JUNE 7-11, 2021 – THERMAG Conference

2005: 1st, Montreux, Switzerland

2007: 2nd, Portorož, Slovenia

2009: 3rd, Iowa, USA

2010: 4th, Baotou, China

2012: 5th, Grenoble, France

2014: 6th, Victoria, Canada

2016: 7th, Turin, Italy

2018: 8th, Darmstadt, Germany

2021: 9th, College Park, USA

Omar Abdelaziz, ORNL, USA

Franca Albertini, University of Parma, Italy

Vikrant Aute, University of Maryland, USA

Jader Barbosa, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Alexander Barcza, Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co., Germany

Ekkes Bruck, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Tao Cao, University of Maryland, USA

Lesley Cohen, Imperial College London, UK

Sebastian Fahler, Leibniz IFW Dresden, Germany

Brian Fricke, ORNL, USA

Asaya Fujita, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

Markus Gruner, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Oliver Gutfleisch, Technische Universitat, Darmstadt, Germany

Huilong Hou, University of Maryland, USA

Fengxia Hu, Institute of Physics, China

Andrej Kitanovski, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Afef Lebouc, Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory G2ELAB, France

Jiazhen Ling, University of Maryland, USA

Ayyoub Momen, ORNL, USA

Xavier Moya, University of Cambridge, UK

Vitalij Pecharsky, Ames Lab., USA

Antoni Planes, University of Barcelona, Spain

Christian Bahl, City University of New York, Brooklyn, USA

Julie Staunton, University of Warwick, UK

Qiming Zhang, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Jader Barbosa, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Ekkes Bruck, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Asaya Fujita, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

Oliver Gutfleisch, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany

Andrej Kitanovski, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Afef Lebouc,Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory G2ELAB, France

Vitalij Pecharsky, Ames Lab, USA

Christian Bahl, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Andrew Rowe, University of Victoria, Canada

Karl Sandeman (chair), City University of New York, USA

Fengxia Hu, Institute of Physics, China

Ichiro Takeuchi, University of Maryland, USA

Mrs. Mary Baugher

Center for Environmental Energy Engineering

University of Maryland

4164 Glenn L. Martin Hall

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