CEEE Celebrates Dr. Yunho Hwang’s 30 Years

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Dr. Vikrant Aute (left) and Dr. Reinhard Radermacher (right) present Dr. Yunho Hwang with a certificate and award celebrating his 30 years with CEEE on December 6, 2023.

On December 6, we celebrated Dr. Yunho Hwang's 30th anniversary of service to CEEE. Dr. Radermacher presented him with a plaque that stated, “Presented to Dr. Yunho Hwang in grateful recognition of 30 years of groundbreaking research, exceptional teaching and service, as well as unwavering hard work toward the advancement of heat pump technologies.” 

Dr. Hwang joined CEEE in 1993 when he first came to the University of Maryland. Since then, he has developed R-22 alternative refrigerants for air-conditioning systems and researched enhanced CO2 systems. 

In 1997, he launched the Energy Efficiency and Heat Pumps (EEHP) Consortium as director. He has developed energy-efficient technologies, and has initiated new innovative research on “not-in-kind” refrigeration systems for natural refrigerants. As an educator and researcher, Dr. Hwang has advised multiple UMD student teams in national and international collegiate design competitions, most winning first or second place. Dr. Hwang recently won the prestigious Gustav Lorentzen award presented by the International Institute of Refrigeration.

Published February 13, 2024