Engineering BldgDaikin Energy Innovation Lab (EEHP)
Faculty : R. Radermacher, Y. Hwang
Location: 0147 Engineering Lab Building, #89
8136 Paint Branch Drive
(301) 405-5003
Martin HallSoftware Development Laboratory (MOC)
Faculty: R. Radermacher, V. Aute
Location: 3151 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building #088
4298 Campus Drive
(301) 405-7314
    Smart and Small Thermal Systems Laboratory (AHXPI)
    Faculty: M. Ohadi, A. Shooshtari
    Location: 3131 Kim Engineering Building
    8228 Paint Branch Drive
    (301) 405-5186


Lab View Software Data Collection
Lab View Software Data Collection
  • Integrated Energy Systems for Residental & Mobile Appliances
  • CHP (IES) Research & Demonstration Facility
  • Two Sets of Test Chambers for Heat Pumps
  • Thermal Systems Optimization Software TSIOP
  • Verified, Object-Oriented Simulation Tools
  • Refrigerator Test Facility
  • CO2 Prototype Heat Pump Systems
  • Compressor Test Stands
  • DSC (Large Volume)
  • Fan Test Chamber
  • Heat Exchanger (Coil) Test Facility – 20°-40°C
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Laboratory
  • University Shop Facilities

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