Thermal Systems Integration and Optimization Platform (TSIOP)

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TSIOP represents a long-term effort at the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE) to develop a comprehensive and integrated platform, which facilitates the simulation and design of environmentally friendly, efficient, reliable, and cost effective thermal systems. Checkmarks on the above graphic indicate the modules that are currently available within the TSIOP framework. TSIOP allows a user to model new and existing systems and components, and to optimize these designs for thermo-economic objectives such as first cost, operating cost, performance, and reliability. Simulation capabilities include steady state and transient analyses of systems and components, and the ability to design and test the performance of custom control algorithms. TSIOP also incorporates provisions to interface with a data acquisition system for real-time analysis, reduction, and validation of the system. Finally, CEEE members have access to a remote job scheduler from within the TSIOP platform that can be used to distribute repetitive jobs to computers that may be idle. This functionality allows the user to harness the power of distributed computing without the need for any additional hardware or software.

  • A unified framework to:
    • Design and model cost effective and efficient thermal systems, new and existing
    • Simulate and optimize designs for first cost, operating cost, performance, reliability etc.
    • Simulate transient performance and design and test control algorithms
    • Interface with data acquisition tools and conduct analysis, reduction and validation
  • TSIOP Job Scheduler is available to CEEE Members
    • Facilitates the distribution of repetitive computing jobs amongst a set of computers that are idle, especially during night time, and does not require special hardware or software
    • Allows the user to harness the power of distributed computing
    • Integration assistance is available from CEEE personnel for interested users