An Advanced Transient Refrigerator Simulation Tool (TransRef)

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  • Component based transient simulation tool for vapor compression systems
  • Component models can be changed on the fly
  • User defined component models can be developed using the CEEE Component Standard and can be loaded into the program
  • Ability to model multi-evaporator cycles
  • Multiple Cabinet (load) models
    • Refrigerator cabinets— top mount, bottom mount, bottom freezer
    • Automotive passenger cabin
    • Room model
  • Heat exchanger models
    • Lumped parameter model
    • Moving boundary with and without dehumidification
    • Option to specify parallel circuits with single heat exchanger
  • Expansion Device Models
    • Fixed orifice
    • Capillary tubes and short tube orifice
    • TXV
  • Calculates different state points and energy consumption at each time step. Provides pull-down time information.
  • Built-in control algorithms with the ability to add and test user defined control algorithms
    • Allows cascading of multiple control algorithms.
    • Thermostat, damper thermostat
    • PID controller for variable speed compressor
    • Control settings can be changed during transient simulation to observe immediate effect
  • Inputs and outputs at each time step can be exported to a spreadsheet for further post-processing
  • Can model CO2 cycles

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