Thermodynamic Cycle Model (TCM)

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An Advanced Thermodynamic Cycle Simulation Tool

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TCM Tool


TCM is a thermodynamic cycle simulation tool which can be used for the analysis of cycle selection and the evaluation of refrigerant performance

  • Thermodynamic calculations for different cycles
  • Can also account for pipes and corresponding pressure drops

Different Types of Cycles  (subcritical and transcirtical) can be analyzed

  • Single Stage Vapor Compression Cycle
  • Vapor Compression Cycle with Ejector
  • Two Stage Cycle with Intercooler
  • Two Stage Cycle with Internal Heat Exchanger
  • Two Stage Cycle with Flash Tank
  • Auxiliary Compression Cycle
  • Rankine Power Cycle
  • Organic Rankine Cycle with Recuperator
  • Single Stage Vapor Compression Cycle with Receiver
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Model (in progress)
  • User Defined Cycles (requires your own library file [.DLL file])   


  •  All supported refrigerants from NIST REFPROP 7.0/8.0/9.0, i.e., R134a, CO2, R410A, R1234yf etc.
  • Ability to set the different units
  • Sensitivity / Parametric Studies
  • Parametric studies can be conducted by varying parameters
  • Results can be plotted and exported to spreadsheet
  • Support Options
  • Support available via email, phone and web-based meetings



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