AHXPI Research Themes

Micro Heat Exchanger
Micro Heat Exchanger
Fin and Tube Exchanger
Fin and Tube Exchanger

  • High Heat Flux and/or Low Delta T Cooling—with applications to diverse range of Commercial and Military systems
  • Next Generation, Smart Heat/Mass Exchangers &  Fluids—applications to energy efficiency & conservation
  • Heat Transfer and fluid flow at the micro and nano scales with direct applications to further enhancement of the next generation energy systems
  • EHD/other Actively-enhanced Transport Phenomena—with specific applications in frost free refrigeration, separation devices, and enhanced heat transfer systems

Current and Completed Projects:

  • Performance characterization of micro-scale condensers
  • Structural and mechanical design analysis of advanced micro-channel heat exchangers
  • Electrostatic (EHD)-Enhanced separation of liquid droplets from gas/liquid flows-Application to refrigeration and other systems
  • Sand fouling of heat exchangers
  • Development of MEMS-based Micro-pumps
  • Development of forced-feed micro channel evaporators and condensers for cooling of high flux electronics
  • EHD-enhanced in-tube and external boiling of alternate refrigerants/refrigerant mixtures
  • EHD-enhanced in-tube and external condensation of alternate refrigerants/refrigerant mixtures
  • EHD-enhanced air-side heat transfer
  • Applicability of EHD to heat transfer enhancement in highly compact heat exchangers
  • EHD heat transfer enhancement in mini and microchannels
  • Control of frost formation on cold surfaces/coils using the EHD technique
  • Prototyping of an EHD-enhanced direct expansion evaporator
  • Prototyping of an EHD-enhanced condenser
  • Liquid-vapor separation and flow management using EHD technique
  • Electrode materials, design, and fabrication
  • EHD-enhanced thin film evaporation

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