EEHP Research Themes

Expansion Valve Heat Pump
Expansion Valve Heat Pump
Flash Tank CFD Model
Flash Tank CFD Model

Current Projects

The center developed a novel test method for measuring oil retention, applying it to a wide range of refrigerants and miscible and non-miscible lubricants. The resulting correlations are predicting oil retention in systems. Then, CEEE, together with one of its sponsors, developed an oil concentration sensor.  We’ve created a test facility and method for the measurement of vapor compression system performance under dynamic conditions. We test automotive air conditioners over an entire drive cycle — or a route traveling from Maine to Florida — without ever leaving the lab.

CEEE faculty and graduate students are working for the following projects:

  • Transient performance of secondary loop systems
  • HFC two-stage cycles with vapor injection compressor
  • Plate heat exchanger performance evaluations
  • Evaporatively cooled heat exchanger
  • Separate latent and sensible cooling
  • Solar cooling technologies
  • Industrial CHP applications
  • Thermoelastic Cooling
  • Electrochemical Compression
  • Air-bearing Heat Exchanger
  • Adsorption Energy Storage
  • Multifunctional VRF Field Testing and Modeling
  • Renewable Energy and Waste Heat Utilization for Microgrid Application
  • Heat Exchanger Performance Evaluation
  • Solar-Powered Refrigeration
  • De-stratification of Convective Cooling and Heating
  • Life Cycle Climate Performance of HVACR Systems
  • Appliance Efficiency Enhancements