Alumni Spotlight: Khaled Saleh

Khaled Saleh, Ph.D. (‘12)
Manager, Simulation Group
Goodman Manufacturing
A member of Daikin Group

Khaled Saleh graduated with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2012, and worked for year as a CEEE faculty research associate before moving on to Goodman as a principal simulation engineer. There, he worked on new product development for components and systems, and trained engineers in the use of new simulation tools.  

Having moved up in the ranks, now as manager of their new simulation group, he now supports the development and rating of approximately $2 billion in products and spends more time than ever recruiting new engineers.  CEEE students Andrew Rivera and Ryan Kennett will join Goodman’s ranks when they graduate in May 2016, making the Terp total employed there to eight engineers.

Be engaged and have a ‘can do’ attitude

Dr. Saleh was back at UMD in March to attend the consortium meetings, a far difference take on the experience than when he was a student.  “When I was a student, I was nervous presenting at consortium meetings the first time, then I enjoyed presenting my research and having the sponsors’ feedback,” he said.  Now students are nervous presenting their work to him.  His recommendation to current student attending the consortium meetings is be engaged and attended the other student’s group presentations as well.  “It was good learning how my work at UMD helped the real world with sustainable products,” Dr. Saleh says of the unique to CEEE student experience.  He credits the program with providing students with direct relationships with sponsors who appreciate the “can do” attitude and effort CEEE fosters in its students.

Here is his advice for students wanting to work as an engineer at a company like Goodman:

  • Understand the fundamentals: Thermodynamics, HX, Heat Transfer, CFD
  • Be a good team player, and manage your time well.
  • Enjoy group meetings, searching for interesting topics, and presentations.
  • Optimal design conception is everything - you’ll be better able to define a problem and find a solution.
  • Network with industrial sponsors – consortium meetings are very important and help with this.
  • Enjoy your time at CEEE, learn as much as you can, and understand the fundamentals very well!

A ‘reel’ family man who enjoys time on the water

Even more than being a successful engineer, Dr. Saleh is a family man. “Having a family is the best,” he say.  He and his wife, Esraa Elabd, have three children - son, Omar (age 6), and two year old twins son, Ali, and daughter, Fatema.  He likes living in Houston saying it is very family-oriented.  It is also, “a little hot in the summer,” he jokes, “but that good for our industry.”

The city is also located near the Gulf of Mexico, so when time permits (not as often as he’d like), he enjoys his favorite hobby: fishing - particularly deep-sea fishing.  Omar sometimes joins him on the water.  An avid sportsman, Dr. Saleh also likes to play volleyball, soccer, and ping pong.