Recent Ph.D. Graduates

  • Abdullah AlAbulKaremSimulation of Transient Systems, is now a Department Chair of Mechanical Engineering at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia.
  • Ali Alalili, who did his research on Solar Cooling joins the faculty of the Petroleum Institute.
  • Martinus Arie joins CEEE as a research associate working for the AXHPI group.  His dissertation is entitled Air Side Heat Transfer Enhancement in Heat Exchangers Utilizing Innovative Designs and the Additive Manufacturing Technique.
  • Long HuangDevelopment of Advanced Numerical Models for Variable Geometry Microchannel Heat Exchangers, is now Senior Consultant in Energy Efficiency, Policy, and Analysis at Navigant Consulting in Washington, DC.
  • Raphael Mandel's dissertation is Embedded Cooling of High Flux Electronics via Micro-enabled Surfaces and Fluid Delivery System. 
  • Sahil Popli, Performance Enhancement of Condenser Heat Exchangers with Evaporative Cooling, is now an engineer at Emerson Climate Technologies in Ohio.
  • Ratnesh Tiwari joins CEEE as a research associate workng for the AXHPI group, and he also is associated with Earth Networks where he develops advanced algorithms for building energy model using smart thermostats and energy efficiency program for Connected Savings. His dissertation is Process Intensification by Utilizing Multistage Manifold Microchannel Heat and Mass Exchangers.
  • Hongtao Qiao joins the research staff at Mitshubishi Electric Research Laboratory in Massachusetts. His thesis is entitled, Transient Modeling of Two-stage and Variable Refrigerant Flow Vapor Compression Systems with Frosting and Defrosting.
  • Suxin Qian is now an associate professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an, China.  His dissertation is entitled Development of Thermoelastic Cooling and Heat Pump Systems.
  • Moon Soo Lee's dissertation was entitled Direct Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Multiphase Flow with Phase Change.
  • Tao Cao is a R&D engineer for Daikin U.S. Corporation in Houston, Texas.  His disseration is entitled Modeling and Optimization of Microgrid Energy System for Ship Applications.
  • Ye Tao is a Data Engineer for the National Institues of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.  His disseration is entitled Electrochemical Compression with Ion Exchange Membranes for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Other Related Applications.
  • Mohamed Beshr's dissertation is Steady State Modeling and Optimization for Performance and Enviornmental Impact of Advanced Vapor Compression Systems.  He is now a modeling and simulation engineer for Ingersoll Rand in Davidson, North Carolina.
  • Daniel Bacellar's dissertation is Steady State Modeling and Optimization for Performance and Enviornmental Impact of Advanced Compression Systems.  He is now an engineering manager at Optimized Thermal Systems in Beltsville, Maryland.
  • Xiaojie Lin is a postdoctoral researcher at Zhejiang University in Zhejiang, China.  His dissertation was entitled,
  • Radia Eldeeb's did her research on Optimization of plate heat exchanger design.

Recent M.S. Graduates

  • Lt. Michael Cristiano, Design and Experimentation of a Manufacturable Solid Desiccant Wheel Assisted Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning System, is an officer in the US Navy.
  • Yilin Du's thesis is Battery Powered Portable Vapor Compression Cycle System with PCM Container.
  • Ryan Kennett's thesis is Evaluation of an extended duct air delivery systems for spaces conditioned by rooftop units.  He now works as an engineer for Goodman Manufacturing in Houston, Texas.
  • Manjie Li, Application of Ejector Cycle on Household Refrigerators, is a engineer is working with Navigant Consulting in Washington, DC.
  • Bracha MandelExperimental Performance Evaluation of Desorber in a Hybrid Absorption Vapor Compression System
  • Andrew Rivera is now employed in Houston as an engineer for Goodman Manufacturing.  His thesis is Performance of Plate Type Heat Exchanger as Ammonia Condenser.
  • Lt. Sarah Troch, a U.S. Coast Guard officer, is the post engineer a tthe U.S. Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore.  Her thesis is Harmonization of Life Cycle Cost Performance and its Improvement for Heat Pump Applications.
  • Zhilu Zang, Analysis of Heat Pump Clothes Dryer